Is It Time To Change My Mattress?

We spend around one third of our lives in bed, which is why it’s so important to make sure our mattresses are clean, supportive and in good condition. It makes sense that we should always aim to get the best possible sleep in order to stay well-rested, alert and top of our game as well as staving off those aches, pains and afternoon slumps that come with a poor night’s sleep. Changing your mattress when it’s old and tired is an important part of sleep wellness, but how do we know it’s time for a fresh start? Here are some signs it’s time to change your mattress: Sleep Deprived If you’re constantly waking up with a stiff neck, aching back or....Read More

Our New Avignon Bedroom Furniture Range

Each new day is filled with new and unexpected events, some wonderful and some trying, but all of them tiring. No matter what the day brings, we know we can come home to the sanctuary of our bedroom, which promises to relax us and to eventually envelope us in a blissfully deep sleep. Or at least, that’s what we believe a bedroom should do! We think the bedroom is the most important room in the home and it should always reflect your personal style and taste. We wanted to offer a range that would suit each individual and their unique style whilst still providing comfort and tranquility. That’s why we’ve added the new Avignon bedroom furniture....Read More

Natural Mattresses For Optimal Sleep

At The Bed Shack we’re passionate about creating a healthy sleep environment for you and your family. Finding a comfortable mattress that suits your every need can be tricky. Most mattresses today are made with petroleum-based, man-made materials including deodorisers, glues, adhesives and polyurethane foams. Some people prefer mattresses made with natural fibres. Natural mattresses are created with cotton, wool or silk blend, providing you with a cool, breathable and absorbent place to sleep. With our collection of natural mattresses, you can say goodbye to chemicals and synthetic materials. Our passion for sleep wellness and bedroom....Read More

Bespoke Hand-Painted Bedroom Furniture

Did you know that, at The Bed Shack, we offer a bespoke furniture painting service? We believe that each piece of furniture you own should be as beautiful as it is practical. We can transform your chosen furniture into wonderfully unique pieces that provide an effortless, classic, French feel. You can choose any type of finish you like: shabby chic, smooth or plain painted, antique or vintage, etc. Our unique painting service allows you to create luxuriously elegant pieces right here in the UK, so you can tailor your furniture to suit your individual style. Our beloved, antique white, French Louis style, shabby chic dressing table, includes....Read More

Style, Sophistication and Space to Stretch Out

Nothing can add a natural sense of style, elegance or sophistication to a bedroom like a quality bed frame – and a sleigh bed frame says all three. The wooden frame creates a warm, inviting experience and can be customised to suit your room and personal taste. If you love the look of sleigh beds, but are concerned about it dominating a smaller room, or your height restricts you from committing to a bed frame with a foot board, then low foot end sleigh beds are the perfect option for you. Sleigh beds offer a traditionally luxurious look and command attention with a striking appearance, but that doesn’t mean they have to dominate your room.....Read More

Painted Sleigh Bed – Creative Ideas

As the colder weather subsides and the sun starts to peep through the clouds, the spring cleaning bug is waking up and we’re thinking of ways to give our rooms a refresh for the new season. How about some creative ideas for your painted sleigh bed? The best way to give your space a revamp is to bring a new, fresh colour into the mix, but instead of simply switching cushion covers, we’re creating something more exciting – painting our sleigh beds! Bed frames are a statement in the bedroom and can completely change the look of your space, but when you want to give your room a makeover, bed frames can be costly and time-consuming to replace.....Read More

We’ve Got Your Back with Custom Size Mattresses to Celebrate National Bed Month

March is National Bed Month. It’s the month where bed manufacturers and distributors remind us what an important thing a good night’s sleep is for our health. Sleep deprivation can lead to chronic health disorders like high blood pressure and stress. Getting a good night’s sleep on the other hand, helps your body to repair itself and your mind to relax. At TheBedShack, we whole heartedly believe putting some thought into your mattress is very important when it comes to a good night’s sleep. So, to celebrate National Bed Month, we want to tell you about our custom size mattresses, delivered all over the UK and Europe. Whatever your....Read More

Beautiful Bedrooms for Stylish Sleeping – Online Bedroom Furniture UK

TheBedShack brings you fabulous bedroom furniture, bought online and delivered across the UK. As this is our first post we thought we would introduce you to our brand to give you a better understanding of what we do, why we do it, and what we are passionate about. In truth, the last one is fairly easy to describe – we are passionate about luxurious, stylish, and utterly magnificent bedrooms. There’s nothing we like better than helping people like you make your bedroom beautiful. We do it because we believe it’s the best job in the world. We love interior design, beautiful furniture and gorgeous furnishings. That’s why about five....Read More