Nothing can add a natural sense of style, elegance or sophistication to a bedroom like a quality bed frame – and a sleigh bed frame says all three.

The wooden frame creates a warm, inviting experience and can be customised to suit your room and personal taste.

If you love the look of sleigh beds, but are concerned about it dominating a smaller room, or your height restricts you from committing to a bed frame with a foot board, then low foot end sleigh beds are the perfect option for you.

Sleigh beds offer a traditionally luxurious look and command attention with a striking appearance, but that doesn’t mean they have to dominate your room. With a low foot end sleigh bed you’ll achieve the regal look of a sleigh bed while retaining a sense of space and flow in a smaller room.

For the taller people among us, low foot end sleigh beds also allow for free-movement, allowing your feet the freedom of dangling over the edge. So, whether you’re decorating a guest bedroom or you love a bit of space for those morning stretches, the low foot end sleigh bed may be the perfect choice.

Our sleigh beds are handmade and created with the finest quality wood. Our solid mahogany French sleigh bed frame provides a classic design with scrolled arm detail and a paneled headboard for exquisite elegance. We also offer a bed frame painting service that can transform this frame into the perfect French shabby-chic accent (colours include ivory, grey, white and taupe).

Our Clermont French sleigh bed also provides you with a low foot end and an opulent, royal feel. This hand-crafted mahogany range undergoes several processes to give the colour a deep and warm lustre that elevates any room, creating a truly regal look.

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