March is National Bed Month. It’s the month where bed manufacturers and distributors remind us what an important thing a good night’s sleep is for our health.

Sleep deprivation can lead to chronic health disorders like high blood pressure and stress. Getting a good night’s sleep on the other hand, helps your body to repair itself and your mind to relax.

At TheBedShack, we whole heartedly believe putting some thought into your mattress is very important when it comes to a good night’s sleep. So, to celebrate National Bed Month, we want to tell you about our custom size mattresses, delivered all over the UK and Europe.

Whatever your preferences, we’ve got your back. We work with our customers to create their perfect mattress.

There are lots of reasons you might need a custom size mattress. Perhaps you have an antique, hand crafted, or custom-made, bed frame that standard sized mattresses don’t fit. Or, maybe a bespoke bed frame to fit your boat, a motorhome, or a very small bedroom. Perhaps you have a vintage bed frame that requires a new custom size mattress. We specialise in custom size mattresses to suit every need and wherever you are in the UK or Europe, we can deliver it to your door.

However, there are other bespoke options that will make a big difference to your night’s sleep. All of our mattresses can be custom made to order, whether you prefer soft, firm, pocket sprung, or memory foam, 100% natural or zip and link.

We understand the importance of a comfortable mattress for a peaceful night’s sleep and we will work with you to create your personalised sleep experience. Here are just a handful of options.

Our Old English Bed Company 1400 pocket mattress is one of our best sellers and is designed to provide high levels of comfort and quality through their deep layers of upholstery.

Our Old English Bed Company Discovery 70 Memory Foam Mattress is our most popular mattress, offering a firm base that moulds to the contours of your body and adjusts to your position every time you move. The perfect mattress for those who toss and turn in their sleep or suffer from cramps and body pains.

Our Old English Bed Company Coil spring Tufted Mattress is hand-tufted and offers a medium or firm base. Starting at only £169, it’s ideal for those on a tight budget or on the hunt for a spare mattress.

To begin your journey towards the perfect night’s sleep, find our bespoke collection here.

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